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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. This page can help you find answers to some of our most common inquiries. If you do not find what you are looking for, please visit our support page for information on how to contact our staff 24 hours a day.

Billing Issues

» How do I update or retrieve my account info?
» Why don't I see the credit for a voided purchase on my billing statement?
» Can I pay by mail?
» Why am I blocked when I try to make a purchase?
» How will I be billed for this service?
» Why was my account frozen after adding a new payment method?
» What is +VAT?
» Why was I charged $1 when I registered my credit card?
» How can I get a purchase refunded?
» ERROR MSG: You can buy more credits when you are in the show.
» How do I redeem my 120 free credits?
» I am not getting my receipt emails ...
» Why was I charged twice for the same purchase?
» How do I add a new credit card?


» My Cam2Cam session will not start in my Chrome/Firefox Browser.
» Which browsers are best for Cam2Cam?
» Can I still use a browser that requires the Flash plugin for Cam2Cam?
» Who can see my Cam2Cam video feed?
» When is Cam2Cam Available?
» Why is my model's audio or video delayed or out of sync during a Cam2Cam session?
» The model cannot see and/or hear me.
» What kind of camera do I need?
» What if I am not using Chrome of Firefox for Cam2Cam?
» What is Cam2Cam?

Contests And Promotions

» What are Hot Nights Contests, and how do models win?
» Does a model need to opt-in to a contest?
» What is Flirt of the Year and how do models win?
» What is Flirt of the Month?
» How do models win Star of the Month?
» What is Model of the Week, and what do they win?
» How do models win Most Popular Model of the Week?
» What are seasonal contests and what are the rules?
» How do models win Freshest Face of the Week?
» What are daily promo contests and what are the rules?
» How do models win Flirt of the Day?

Flirt Rewards

» How do I earn points?
» How far back in my site history are points accrued?
» Are there limits on what status or level I can reach?
» What are Flirt Rewards?
» What are Flirt Rewards Lifetime Status & Current Level?
» How is my Flirt Rewards status determined?
» Are there limits on how many Flirt Rewards points I can earn?
» What does the crest next to my username mean?
» How do I send a Power Boost using my Flirt Rewards points?
» What are my Status and Level Limits?
» Can a Guest earn points?
» What is a Power Boost?
» Can I purchase Rewards points with credits?
» What can I get with my Flirt Rewards points?
» How do Virtual Gifts work with Flirt Rewards Points?
» How do I redeem my points?
» I think my points are wrong, who should I contact?


» How do I purchase credits?
» Why does the page layout look weird?
» Does Flash work with my MAC?
» Why does my chat text appear in dark grey?
» What are the different customer types?
» How do I make my profile public or private?
» How does live chat work?
» What are Community Lists and how do they work?
» How do I create a user profile and add a photo or avatar?
» What parts of the site are Free?
» What should I do if I get a strange email request?
» What can I purchase with my credits?

Interactive Devices

» What should I do after I scan the QR code with my mobile device?
» When can I control a Feel Connect model's device?
» When can a Feel Connect model control my device?
» How do I know if my device is in Bluetooth mode?
» What's the difference between Feel Connect and Lovense models?
» What do you mean by a Feel Connect device being able to control another device?
» What software do I need to use an interactive device with a Feel Connect Model?
» How can I control a Feel Connect model's device if I don't have a compatible device?
» Are Lovense Devices "Interactive" or "2-Way Interactive"?
» Which Feel Connect devices have the ability to control other devices?
» What can I do if my device is not responding or is jerky?
» Which Feel Connect devices have the ability to control and be controlled at the same time?
» What is a Flixband?
» Can I get the movements of my device to be in sync with the live video?
» Which Feel Connect devices can control other interactive devices (other than Flixband)?
» Does interactivity work in open chat?
» Can one Feel Connect performer control more than one customer at a time?
» Which Feel Connect devices have the ability to be controlled (but don't have the ability to control others)?
» Do I need to generate and scan a new QR code if I switch model rooms?
» What is the difference between the Onyx and Pearl devices?
» Why can't my device control the Feel Connect Model's or vice versa?

Live Shows & Show Types

» What is Live Cams Mansion?
» Is Cam2Cam Available in Group Chat?
» What are Performer Deal Codes?
» Are Private Shows available during group chat?
» How do Group Chats appear in my show history?
» What's the difference between a Private Show and a Multi-User Show?
» My Browsers Crashes/I'm experiencing Java errors during live shows.
» What is Group Chat?
» How do I start a private show?
» What is Party Chat?
» It says I'm already logged in to a live show! Help!
» What happens if I leave the Group Chat?
» What types of shows can I use Performer Deal Codes?
» How do I know if a performer is engaged in a Private Show?
» Is tipping allowed during a Group Chat?
» How do I use Performer Model Codes?
» Will the performers use toys?

Login Issues

» Page Cannot be Displayed/McAfee Error
» If I use a screen name, will the model know it's me?
» I can't login, but no error is displayed
» Why can't I reset my password?
» I misstyped my password and now I can't log in!

Model Interaction

» I have credits in my account. Why can't I use Flirt Phone?
» What is Flirt Phone?
» How do I join a fan club?
» Whisper Messages
» What is a fan club?
» Why am I not receiving notifications when a model I like is online?
» How can I be notified when a model I like is online?

Play & Pay

» Can I use Play & Pay for Group Chat?
» How do I set my own Play & Pay daily spending limit?
» Can I use Play & Pay for Party Chat?
» Can I use Play & Pay for Show Offers?
» What is the Access Charge?
» Can I use a pre-paid card for Play & Pay?
» Why can I not use Play & Pay for voyeur shows?
» What is my daily limit for the Play & Pay?
» Why is Play & Pay unavailable for me?
» Why do I see two shows listed on the same receipt?
» How do I turn Play & Pay off?
» Can I use credits if I'm using Play & Pay?
» What is Play & Pay?
» When will my card be charged when I use Play & Pay?
» When can I use Play & Pay?
» How do I activate Play & Pay?
» How do I get a higher Play & Pay maximum allowed daily limit?
» Can I use Play & Pay for Tips?
» Which card will be charged for Play & Pay billing?

Show Offers

» What happens if the performer ends the show early?
» What happens if I leave the offered show early?
» What is a Counter Offer?
» How do I make an offer?
» My Offer Show ended early and I was still charged the full amount.
» What are Show Offers?
» How do I know if the performer is allowing me to offer a show?


» Some users try to send fake tips. What gives?
» How much can I tip?
» How do I send a tip?
» What is a Tip Flood?

VIP Features & Benefits

» Do the models know I am a VIP?
» How do I find a Feature Show?
» Are Feature Shows really free?
» Payment method for recurring billing
» Do VIPs get any free videos?
» How do I manage my screen names?
» Do I get a discount when purchasinng videos?
» How do I cancel my VIP membership?
» Do VIP memberships automatically renew?
» How does my membership work?
» What are the 90-day and 180-day VIP membership options?
» Why don't the VIP pictures load for me?
» How do I change my text color?
» Does everyone see my text in gold?
» Do VIP members get a discount for Show Pass?

Welcome Day

» How does it work?
» What is a Welcome Day?
» How will I know if a new model has a show?
» How many Welcome Day shows can I get?
» What does it cost?

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